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We amalgamate the two diverse business domain and cultures of China and India seamlessly in one team. Providing local expertise and relationships yet following western style corporate governance.

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Silver Spring Capital Management is an alternative investment manager, with focus on private equity, hedge fund, and corporate investment services. Our business strategy centers not just on the economic growth of India & China the two most important BRIC nation but also on rapidly growing cross-border trade and investment activities among India, China, and US.

Financial and business media worldwide acknowledges the rise of China and India and economist world-over are of consensus that these two economies will for the next decade be among the fastest growing major economies in the world. However what is less talked about is the cross-border trade and projected flow of capital and goods between China and India. The China-India cross-border trade is growing at four times the GDP growth rate witnessed by either China or India respectively. Further the two economies have natural synergies, with India being an economy more fueled by domestic consumption and with a high share of services in the GDP mix, while Chinese economy is mainly fueled by exports and with a high investment and savings rate with a large manufacturing mix in the GDP.

The China-India cross-border trade flow represents the above pattern with India mainly a buyer and China a seller. Despite the opportunity, due to cultural gaps and lack of investment & finance professionals with relationships and experience on both side of the border a huge gap exists. Silver Spring Capital Management with its deep relations with many of the Indian corporate on the buy end of the transactions and with entrepreuners in China, offers a unique cross cultural team with a global perspective and trans-national culture providing a unique edge to its clients and investors.

Further as the economies of China and India continue to grow at their current pace, the rapidly accumulating wealth is actively seeking investment opportunities in other parts of the world. Silver Spring Capital Management, with its deep relations with corporations and wealthy individuals in both India and China and deep knowledge and experience in international business and finance, is leveraging such opportunities.